Sinetron Nafa Urbach Pengorbanan Anggun

Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

Pengorbanan Anggun is the newest sinetron drama aired by Sinetron every thursday on 7 PM. The sinetron starred a lot of famous Indonesia stars who in peak performances in the end 90's such as Tia Ivanka and Nafa Urbach.

Nafa Urbach, a former girfriend of Primus Yustisio, can be the highlight in this sinetron. This Germany born actress and singer had stopped playing in sinetron for 4 years, and now she came back.

It is worth to see and wait the return of Nafa urbach. Nafa urbach seems to be busy at home and own business after her marriage with actor Zack Lee in 2007.

What a plus poing of this sinetron is so many handsome actors and beautiful girls, although some of them are already mature and not young anymore. Indosiar is focus with a more mature story, different with SCTV and RCTI who consisten in teen (ABG Remaja) dramas.

Pengorbanan Anggun or Anggun Sacrification will focus in the story of Anggun. Anggun played by the beautiful Marissa Christina who famous in telenovela Larasati and Gengsi Gede-Gedean.

Pengorbanan Anggun cast and starring :
Roger Danuarta
Marissa Christina as Anggun
Hikmal Abrar as Radit
Tia Ivanka as Eva
Marcelino Lefrandt as Rudi
Nafa Urbach as Dewi
Errina GD as Bimbi
Monica Oemardi
Anastasya Novie as Maurin
Arif Rahman as Sonny
Ferry Ixel as Anton

Pengorbanan Anggun Synopsis, Story, and preview :

The story begins at the meeting and Anton Rudi on a beach. Not just begging to suspend debt Anton, Rudi intends to borrow even more because the business was on the verge of destruction. However, Anton did not appreciate the fact Rudi request requesting that makes grim.

No half-hearted, Anton asked Goddess Rudi to accompany his wife and spoiling for a night at the resort where they vacation. Rudi Anger mounted, he was about to hit the middle of playing Anton Jetski. However, Anton ran away. Chase occurred until Jetski explode and cause Rudi dying.

At the hospital Goddess panic, chapters Rudi operating costs very expensive. Decided to go to Anton, who would have thought he was asking who had made conditions in Rudi. Apparently, Anton Goddess never liked when they were both in college.

Goddess who ran mad, but in the rain, call the hospital and asked her to immediately pay the cost of deposits for fear that something would happen to the patient. Goddess could no longer avoid. With tears of pain, he received an offer for healing Anton Rudi.

After a long time ago, the Goddess gave birth to a baby, younger brother of Rendy (Sonny). The crying baby's voice with a ringing phone sound. Anton was a call asking for debt, but Rudi was again not able to pay off.

Anton Rudi bluff by asking him to keep the baby with the Goddess. Rudi just terrible shock, especially Anton said that goddess came to and receive requests for hospital costs. Rudi is furious goddess divorce immediately and never received her baby. Not only that, he left goddess who held a baby in lara.

Shila baby was already grown up and married with Radit, a playboy. Knowing Radit is the son Rudi, Goddess of trying to find a variety of reasons to avoid besannya. When parents want to bersilaturahmim Goddess Radit directly hiding and left the letter with the reason to go abroad.

Since then, the days filled with pain Goddess, let alone he never told Anggun about the girl's biological father. Anggun do not have the heart to continue on DEWI ask about his father because it would increase the pain of the mother. Now the concentration is more toward taking care of Eva's husband and mother-in-law who does not like it because it has not offered other than Anggun grandchildren, he never considered not commensurate with Radit family.

Eva always memperlalukannya as assistant, until one day Rudi scolded Eva would rather have fun partying at home receive the effects, Eva replace vent his frustration on Anggun. Anggun sad when I read the news relieved return Maurin, his adopted brother Sonny who are dating.

As luck, Maurin had not come to the house because it directly to the hotel and forcing someone to come see him. Someone's turned out to be husband Radit Anggun. Tau was so Murin come, Sonny tries to come to her hotel. However, it Maurin avoid Sonny.

Arrival Maurin and disrupt the relationship Radit Anggun. Murin is so sweet in front Anggun secretly stabbed from behind. Murin flirt, and tease Radit to a relationship that had once been lost. Maurin was so angry when I know Radit Anggun married to a man who always adored.

Maurin had already betrayed three people namely Sonny, Dewi and Anggun, he even managed to seduce Radit to buy houses and cars. The veil began to lift when Anggun to help organize a new home Maurin, Radit suddenly came in and greeted him with a call "love". Just awful, Anggun was shocked.

Themes Song Pengorbanan Anggun titled "Mau Tapi Malu" by Gita Gutawa featuring Maia

kau yang di sana siapa dirinya
buatku terpana
kesan pertama sungguh mempesona
ingin mengenalnya

di kepalaku ada suka yang menggila
sudikah kamu mengenalku mendekatiku aku

aku mau tapi malu
ku suka matamu, hidungmu, wajahmu
dan aku mau untuk jadi milikku

aku mau tapi malu
ku suka gayamu, tingkahmu, senyummu
tapi ku malu tuk katakan padanya

aku yang selalu punya sejuta cara
cara tuk merayu
tapi yang terjadi aku seperti ini
ku bingung sendiri

repeat *
repeat reff

aku suka, aku mau, tapi sungguh aku malu
aku diam, aku bingung, aku harus bagaimana
oh Tuhanku, tolong aku, mengapa ku jadi mau
ku tak tahu kenapa ku tiba-tiba jadi malu
ku tak tahu, tak tahu, tak tahu
ku tak tahu, tak tahu

repeat reff [2x]

Photos of Pengorbanan Cinta, and star :

Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun

marissa Christina Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Marissa Christina as Anggun

Hikmal Akbar Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Hikmal Abrar as Radit

Roger Danuarta Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Roger Danuarta

Marcellino Lefrand Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Marcelino Lefrandt as Rudi

Nafa urbach Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Nafa Urbach as Dewi

Tia Ivanka Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Tia Ivanka as Eva

Arif Rahman Sinetron Indosiar Pengorbanan Anggun
Arif Rahman as Sonny

Watch Nafa Urbach single "Wanita Super" video here


Sinetron Indosiar Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia

Kamis, 19 November 2009

Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia is a sinetron aired on Indosiar, everyday monday till friday on 7 PM. This sinetron is performing Zaskia Adya Mecca as the main character. This is the first sinetron for Zaskia after she got married.

Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia may be is not well rated by audiences, because it's show time is exactly the same with another well accepted sinetron on SCTV and RCTI such as Sinetron Bayu Cinta Luna (SCTV) and Safa dan Marwah (RCTI).

Channel Indosiar still produces not a high rated sinetrons nowadays like Sinetron Tangisan Issabela, Laila, Inayah.

Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia Details :

Title : Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia
Directed by : Ismail Sofyan Sani
Produced By : Soraya Intercine Films
Year : 2009
Aired on : Indosiar
Aired Time : Every Monday till Friday at 7 PM

Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia Cast and starring :

Zaskia Adya Mecca
Okan Kornelius
Sahrul Gunawan
Ririn Ekawati

Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia Story :

Zaskia in this story, played as a village and kind hearted girl. But her parents didn't agree her marriage with her boyfriend, therefore Zaskia must keep her marriage as a secret till she got pregnant.

Zaskia Profile :

Name : Zaskia Adya Mecca
Birth Date : 08 September 1987
Sinetron :
-Kiamat Sudah Dekat
- Cinta SMU
- Habibi Dan Habibah
- Senandung Masa Puber
- Lorong Waktu

Film :
- Kun Fayakun
- Ayat-Ayat Cinta

About Zaskia
Zaskia is an Indonesian Actress, and ever nominated as The Best Actress in Piala Vidya (FFI). Zaskia is an alumnus of Universitas Paramidana Jakarta majaoring in Pyschology Faculty.

Zaskia always wears a jilbab iin her daily life, thats makes her looks polite and kind hearted.

Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia

Zaskia Adya Mecca Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia
Zaskia Adya Mecca

Okan Kornelius Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia
Okan Kornelius

Ririn Ekawati Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia
Ririn Ekawati

Sahrul Gunawan Di Balik Jilbab Zaskia
Sahrul Gunawan


Safa Dan Marwah Sinetron RCTI

Selasa, 10 November 2009

Safa dan Marwah is a Sinetron aired in RCTI. Safa Dan Marwah staring the cute idol ABG teen from Indonesia Nikita Willy (only 15 years old) and Risty Tagor (20 years old).

Although the main character is still a teen, but the story is so complex. The girl must face so many problem including their family affair, friendship and of course the love story.

Safa dan Marwah story and synopsis :

Marwah (Risty Tagor) is a beautiful girl, a tomboy, tough and kind. She lives with her mother, Siti (Mieke Amalia), in the fishing village. Marwah never realized that Siti was not his biological mother. All he knew was Marwah want to help her find her sister, the child who always longed Siti by Siti.

Unlike the Marwah, Safa (Nikita Willy) is a gentle girl, beautiful, kind, Soleha, and rich. A typical woman's dream of all men. Safa lived with her parents, Zainal (Umar Lubis) and Ruth (Inggrid Kansil), and the ignorant brother, Ilham (Rionaldo Stockhorst). apart from all the shortcomings family, Safa very fond parents and family, Safa did not know that he had no blood relationship with them all.

At one point, Marwah moved to Jakarta after receiving a scholarship from one of the leading campus. It was there that he met with Safa is a flower on campus. Finally, the friendship began to grow between Safa and Marwah. They both had never realized what a bond between them actually. Marwah to Safa admire that despite having everything, still remember to share the happiness with the people in need. And vice versa, Safa Marwah admire the sincere and volunteer to teach Koran in the mosque where he used to give donations. Toh

Proximity they both make Siti chance to meet with Safa. What a heart bergetarnya Siti when met with Safa. Maternal instincts could not be deceived, although his brain did not understand what was going on in his heart. Siti attention was so abundant at the Safa. Strong her feelings saying that Safa was the son who had lost since sold to a wealthy family. This of course makes surprise Marwah. Hearts are always clean Marwah also get a test. Could she avoid him from feeling envious of her mother, the only person he has turned out to feel the feelings that much more meaningful to Safa?

Safa and Marwa and then both met with Adil (Riza Shahab), a student nomads pious, intelligent, and very handsome. At different both captivated by the Fair so perfect in their eyes. But both did not dare to show their feelings because, although only poor children, Adil was a campus hero because of his good looks, prestige, charm and her kindness.

Nikita Willy Profile :

Nikita Willy born in Jakarta, 29 Juni 1994. She started her first sinetron at 7 years in sinetron Bulan Bintang. Get her Popular from drama Roman Picisan also casted by Evan Sanders. ]

Risty Tagor Profile

Risty Tagor born in Jakarta, 12 April 1989. Start into public media highlight from Horro Film "Pocong 2" in 2006. Some sinetron Risty had ever played such as Pengantin Remaja, Pintu Hidayah, Pangeran Penggoda, Maha Kasih, dan Hei Cantik.

Safa Dan Marwah Cast and Starring :

Nikita Willy as Safa
Risty Tagor as Marwah
Rionaldo Stockhorst as Ilham
Riza Shihab as Adil
Citra Kirana as Atika
Mieke Amalia as Siti
Umar Lubis as Husein/Zainal
Inggrid Kansil as Ratih
Riyanto R.A as Fikri
Epi Kusnandar as Kodir
Yadi Timo as Rajaf
Cut Memey as Zalimah
Drg. Fadly as Rudi
El Manik as Kades

More info about Safa Dan Marwah
- Safa And Marwah is a teen drama, played by 15 years old girl. But the story in the drama is so complex. It looks like the story is not suitable for only 15 years old teen.

- A news said that one actress from Safa dan Marwah, uniza Umirtuningsih, had been raped by the sinetron crew during the shooting at Puncak. The rape done by two crew at 2 November 2009. But the truth about the criminal now is still unclear.

- Not many beautiful girls found in the sinetron. Many of them are still too young or ABG. But luckily there is Mieke Amalia. Although she is a widow now, but still looks fresh, energetic, and sexy.

- Soundtrack of Safa dan Marwah is Biarkan Jatuh Cinta.

Lirik Lagu ST 12 - Biarkan Jatuh Cinta OST Sinetron Safa Dan marwah

Mata ini indah melihatmu
Rasa ini rasakan cintamu
Jiwa ini getarkan jiwamu
Jantung ini detakkan jantungmu

Dan biarkan aku padamu
Menyimpan sejuta harapan
Aku padamu
Rasa ini tulus padamu
Takkan berhenti
Sampai nanti ku mati

Biarkan aku jatuh cinta
Pesona ku pada pandangan
Saat kita jumpa
Biarkan aku kan mencoba
Tak perduli kau berkata
Tuk mau atau tidak

Back to *, Reff

sinetron rcti safa dan marwah

Nikita Safa Dan Marwah
Nikita Willy as Safa

Risty Tagor Safa Dan Marwah
Risty Tagor as Marwah

Rionaldo Stockhorst Safa dan marwah
Rionaldo Stockhorst as Ilham

Mieke Amalia Safa Dan Marwah
Mieke Amalia as Siti


Sinetron BCL Bayu Cinta Luna

Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

BCL in Indonesia can be read as Bunga Cinta Lestari, a beautiful Indonesia actress who is the wife of Ashraf Sinclair. After vacumm in acting because busy as a singer, now Bunga Cinta Lestari return back in her new Sinetron titled BCL (Bayu Cinta Luna).

BCL will airing in SCTV, to replace another sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel who casted by Chelsea Olivia.

Drama Sinetron BCL now is very popular, as well as the soundtract (Ost) of BCL "Karena Kucinta Kau" sang by Bunga Cinta Lestari herself.

What makes BCL will get a high rating in SCTV ?

- The story is good
- The main caster is a popular celebrities such as Bunga Cinta Lestari, who is quite famous in Internet for a long time for her sensual bikini photos. Don't forget Fendy Chow, Chico Jericho, and Tyas Mirasih are another caster.
- BCL Soundtrack now is booming "Karena Kucinta Kau".

Bayu Cinta Luna Cast and Starring
Bunga Citra Lestari as Luna
Fendy Chow as Ben
Chico Jericho as Bayu
Celine Evangelista
Tyas Mirasih
Rendy Septino as Krisna
Boy Tirayoh
Ranti Purnamasari

Fendy Chow, born in 5 Januari 1989. Some sinetron he had played in such as
Cinderella (Apakah Cinta Hanyalah Mimpi) 2007, Chelsea 2008, Melati untuk Marvel 2008 - 2009, Bayu Cinta Luna (BCL) 2009

Bayu Cinta Luna Synopsis

Friendship Rahman and Imran continues in their descendants. Rahman's two sons, and Krisna Bayu ie, not only best friends with Ben was the son of Imran. Even those working in the same office.

Meanwhile, Luna had just stopped working for trivial reasons. Boss rude to him in a party, to make people think bad about him, including the Bayu present there. Bayu unexpectedly, Luna applied to office work. Ben secretly liked Luna, advised that Bayu keep the pretty girl. But Ben was so upset that accused Luna Bayu not virtuous woman.

Over time, Ben finally dared to show his feelings. But at the same time, Bayu began to realize that Luna is a beautiful and good girl. Bayu began to fall in love with Luna. But he hesitated, between choosing his friendship with Ben, or choosing his love for Luna. It was two hard choices, but the decision must be taken.

Lirik Lagu Karena Kucinta Kau, Ost Sinetron BCL (Bayu Cinta Luna)
Ku Tak Bisa Menebak
Ku Tak Bisa Membaca
Tentang Kamu
Tentang Kamu

Kau Buat Ku Bertanya
Slalu Dalam Hatiku
Tentang Kamu
Tentang Kamu

Reff :
Bagaimana Bila Akhirnya Ku Cinta Kau
Dari Kekuranganmu Hingga Lebihmu
Bagaimana Bila Semua Benar Terjadi
Mungkin Inilah Yang Terindah

Begitu Banyak Bintang
Seperti Pertanyaanku
Tentang Kamu
Tentang Kamu

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bayu cinta laura sctv

bayu cinta laura sctv

The beautiful Bunga Cinta Lestari BCL as Luna
bunga cinta lestari

Chico Jericho as Bayu
chico jericho

Fendy Chow as Ben 
fendy chow


Yuanita and Choky in Take Me Out Indonesia

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

Take Me Out, or Taken Out, is a dating game show that originally come from Australia. The format was developed by FremantleMedia. Under the name Take Me Out the format has also aired in Denmark, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Spain. Versions in Japan and the United Kingdom will also air in future.

In Indonesia, the show is named Take Me Out Indonesia, or Take Him Out Indonesia. In Indonesia Take Me Out run on Indosiar. This is the first time serving in Asia. Here, single people aged 20 to 40 will find a life partner.

Take Me Out program plays every friday night, and Take Him Out Indonesia plays on saturday night.

Take Me Out is hosted by Choky Sihotang, and Yuanita Christiani.

About Choky Sihotang :

Choky Sihotang is born in Bandung, 10 July 1982. He is an actor, and TV presenter especially for music, sport, and ever played in film "Sang Dewi". Choky now is popular among girls because of his handsome and athletis body. He also host Missing Lyrics, and Take Me Out Indonesia, on Indosiar.

Choky started his career as a newsreader (and a reporter / journalist) on a private television station in 2002. Three years later, in mid-2005, Choky casting away one reality program on a private TV station in Jakarta. However, only 7 episodes, Choky must stop because of medical treatment have to travel because of suffering from liver hepatitis A. Six months later, Choky start again from zero to presenternya career. One local TV Jakarta believed to bring one of the show. His career began to climb after bringing one of the TV show with Ferdy Hassan. Choky name skyrocketed after the event brought EURO 2008. Actually Euro 2008, was not the first sporting event, before there was La Liga (Spain), FA Cup, and the Italian League. Events ever hosted, among others Choky Stardut 2 (Indosiar) as well as several awards such as Indonesian Movie Award 2008 and the Miss Indonesia 2008

About Yuanita Christiani :

Yuanita Christiani or usually called Nita, born in Indonsia, 14 April 1986. Still at young age, Yuanita has already hosted so many entertainment program like as MC, presenter, advertising model, and actress.

Christiani Yuanita first appeared on TV in 2005 when he became the presenter of the show "Abis makeovers" in TransTV. Besides, he also became co-host the show "Dare Tukeran" on the same TV station. He also briefly appeared on Metro TV screen in the quiz show "December Berhadiah", and in AstroTV in the event "Jakarta Night Out".

He then started to go as a presenter on "Double Espresso" in 2006, and then had become the main presenter "Espresso" in 2007, until finally she became the presenter "Espresso Weekend" which lasted until today. Outside Espresso He also had a presenter quiz "AFC Asian Cup 2007" interchangeably with Intan Erlita. In addition to the show "AFC Asian Cup 2007" he also appeared in several other sporting events such as the "Liga Djarum Indonesia 2007", and "GP" (as the presenter of the quiz) starting from 2007 till now.

Yuanita Christiani also sold as commercials. We have noted, which has 19 ads starring Nita. The main roles include an ad he found in Bank Niaga, Zinc Shampoo, and Cold Fresh Honey. While he got a supporting role in the ads, among others, Mie ABC, Pro XL, GT Man, and many more.

Began in June last, Yuanita accompanied Choky as co host on the show dating program Take Me Out Indonesia.

How to join Take Me Out Indonesia :
Just register and fill your biodata form on

Take Me Out Indonesia, show every friday night on Indosiar

Host of Take Me Out Indonesia, Choky Sitohang

Host of Take Me Out Indonesia, the beuatiful Yuanita Christiani


Cerita Sinetron RCTI Cinta Dan Anugerah

Jumat, 09 Oktober 2009

Cinta dan Anugerah is sinetron that aired on RCTI. The drama start airing everday on 7 P.M. So many beautiful Indonesian girls are playing on that drama, make it more valuabel to watch. Nabila Syakieb, Eva Anindhita, and Yasmine Wildblood are just a few sexy artist that cast on Cinta Dan Anugerah.

The main actor is Ashraf Sinclair, a England born Malaysian Actor, and a husband of Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL).

Nabila Syakieb is Indonesia 23 years old Indonesia actress. She had played in many sinetrons such as Cinta SMU, Yasmin, Kasih, etc.

Yasmin Wildblood was born on March 11th 1993 and has full name Yasmine Leeds Wildblood. She is the only one daughter of Brian Michael Wildblood the UK and Anita Siregar an Indonesian woman.

The soundtrack of Cinta Dan Anugerah is Kebesaranmu, by Indonesia PUSPA Boy Band "ST 12".

Cinta Dan Anugerah is aired after another RCTI Sinetron Manohara, and aired together with SCTV Sinetron "Melati Untuk Marvel".

Cinta Dan Anugerah Cast and Starring :

Nabila Syakieb as Nabila / Yasmin
Ashraf Sinclair as Reza
Miller as the Avian
Eva Anindhita as Chintya
Giovanni Jehoshaphat Tobing as Gio
Yasmine Wildblood as Aira
Wilda Hamid as Mini
Raya Kohandi as Saskia / Nabila False
Asha Shara as Hani
Marcell Darwin as Aldi
Maya as
Richard Kevin as Alvino
Donny Damara as Imran
Hanna Hasyim as Halima
Cut Sarra as Saira
Adjie Pangestu as Raffi
Adipura as Harris
Tri Ningtyas as Farida

Cerita, Synopsis, Story of Cinta Dan Anugerah :

Nabila (played by Nabila Syakieb) is a pretty simple girl and kind. He lived with his sister Aira (played by Yasmine Wildblood) a beautiful, cheerful but clumsy, and Mini (played by Wilda Hamid) is smart, pious but kuper. In addition, Nabila also live with her father, Imran (played by Donny Damara), which often got drunk. Caused by his father, Nabila also inevitably have to bear the burden of his family.

Nabila burden heavier after his father later died of a stroke. Not only that, his father left the debt was large enough to make Nabila and her sisters have lost their homes, their property only. His father had just left a letter telling you that the contents Nabila and her sisters still have a close relative of his mother, Reza (played by Ashraf Sinclair), a wealthy businessman. Although not sure Reza will recognize them, Nabila, Aira and Mini too desperate Reza came to the house.

Their arrival was welcomed into the house cold Reza by Reza. After reading the letter from Imran, Reza who was handsome and too proud to accept this for the three of them lived in one house pavilion, with the condition that they must work at houses Reza. Nabila was accepted with pleasure and promised to do anything to reward Reza. Reza just smiled proud.

Another case with Reza, Saira (played Cut Sarra), Reza's brother who also lived in the house with her three children, Chintya (played by Eva Anindhita), Ryan (played by Giovani Tobing Jehoshaphat) and Soni (played by Kevin Julio) do not like the presence of Nabila, Aira and Mini. Especially when Saira and Chintya know that Avian (played by Miller), the trust Reza favored by Chintya'd fallen in love with Aira.

Not only Avian, Reza began Aira fascinated with beauty. Yet secretly liked Reza Nabila. But Nabila not want to hurt her brother. Until one day Reza Aira apply to become his wife. Aira confused, on the one hand he loves to Avian. On the other hand, his ambition was to marry a super rich person. Aira also accepting applications Reza. But conscience can not be fooled. Aira decided to stay with Avian. On her wedding day, Aira blurred so that Reza was embarrassed and angry. Self-esteem intact. Reza revenge was married Nabila.

Cinta Dan Anugerah Crew :
Producer: Leo Sultanto
Director: Sanjeev Kumar

Photos Foto of Sinetron Cinta Dan Anugerah

cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti

cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti

cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti

nabila syakieb cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Nabila Syakieb as Nabila / Yasmin

eva anindhita cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Eva Anindhita as Chintya

ashraf sinclair cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Ashraf Sinclair as Reza

giovanni tobing cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Giovanni Jehoshaphat Tobing as Gio

yasmine wildblood cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Yasmine Wildblood as Aira

Miller cinta dan anugerah sinetron rcti
Miller as the Avian


Sinetron SCTV Melati Untuk Marvel

Rabu, 09 September 2009

Melati Untuk Marvel is name of Indonesia sinetron presented by SCTV. Melati Untuk Marvel starring Indonesia Young Celebrities such as Chelsea Olivia (Born in Bandar Lampung, 29 Juli 1992), and Rezky Aditya (born in Jakarta, 26 Februari 1985)

Melati Untuk Marvel was said is a imitation from Korean Drama "I Hate You But It’s Fine".

Melati Untuk Marvel pemain, cast and starring :

Rezky Aditya as Marvel
Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Melati
Afifa Syahira as Aurel
Donny Michael as Reyhan
Gracia Indri as Keyza
Mpok Ati as Bu Lily
Devi Permatasari as Bu Anggi
Krisna Murti Wibowo as Pak Surya
Emma Waroka Hawkins as Bu Selva
Marcello Djorghi as Pak Slamet
Fikri Ramadhan as Tukul
Yoelitta Palar as Bu Dewi

Melati Untuk Marvel Synopsis, Story, and cerita :

Melati (22) is a young girl filled with passion for work. For him, business is the order umpteenth mate after work. Melatitype of girl independent, assertive and responsible. Supported by an attractive physical appearance, kalo gak wonder many boys who fell in love with him.

Contrary to a guy called MARVEL (22). At the age of've not teenagers anymore, MARVEL still looking for identity. Selulus high school, because there is not the cost, he forced a taxi driver. It was half-hearted. After His parents divorced when he was a toddler, he lived with ANGGI, his mother. ANGGI often can not wait to see what seems MARVEL never serious about his future. MARVEL According to his own, he've worked hard enough to help her mother. ANGGI sendiri membuka salon kecil-rumahan di sebuah ruko. One time Melatinot accidentally met with MARVEL.

MARVEL fault kicking tires and car rear view mirror falling MELATI, Melatifurious and demanded compensation. Sure aja gak MARVEL received, assuming that the basic car emang udah Melatiis too old and should have entered a museum. Melati offense and finally back to say, that a guy like MARVEL emang gak much less reliable responsible, so he will understand. MARVEL turn offended. Eventually he would love the money, but have not got. So he was the love of paper lottery.

From there a new Melatiknow what a mess that guy. But the attitude behind the slenge'an MARVEL, MARVEL very fond of his mother and respects women. When his mother proposed by SURYA (Melatiboss in the office), MARVEL support. But she hesitated, SOLAR is a former first love. ANGGI first rebuffed by BU LILI, mother SOLAR, because not worth it. Now after a few tens of years and both had to settle down, they again met and fell in love. SURYA desperate to edit BU LILI ANGGI although still opposed it. Melatiand MARVEL still not accidentally meet. When the car broke down MELATI, MARVEL passing and with sincerity to help clean up the car.

From there, the new Melatisebenernya MARVEL know that the good guy. Melatibegan sympathetic to MARVEL. MARVEL any sebenernya've also started to feel like the same MELATI. In the meantime, there ADITYA, mass cute and bright future, who has a crush JASMINE. They know because ADITYA Melatioffice for cooperation. Since then their relationship became closer. ADITYA even consider Melatiis finally her boyfriend, although there was never a statement about it. Knowing the proximity MELATI-ADITYA, MARVEL secretly jealous.

But he was quite self-conscious. Finally MARVEL pretend boyfriend, just to cover his wounds. Melatialso love intimate with ADITYA ass in front of MARVEL. Be they so love each other, heating manasin each other. Melatihas an a brother named DIKA. DIKA became branch manager of a bank and has a serious girlfriend named Safa. Safa's family was hoping DIKA immediately apply Safa, but it seems belom DIKA ready. Same with JASMINE, DIKA too ambitious in pursuing a career. One time DIKA not familiar with the girl accidentally named Aurel super annoying. Aurel very rude and arrogant. Understandably, he was the only daughter SOLAR, a very spoiled and long life beyond. Completely DIKA gak tau that BU Selva (mother)'ve agreed with BU LILI to fix her up with Aurel. Every meeting they are always in a fight situation. But for long Aurel even interested and in love with DIKA.

DIKA tried to refuse because the already have Safa. But not Aurel gave his name as aja kalo. With all the effort, he tried to grab the hand DIKA of Safa. Until finally DIKA emang bener-bener leaving Safa and married with Aurel. ANGGI SOLAR eventually married, after the signature ANGGI separate property agreement offered LILI BU. MARVEL eventually move to a mansion SURYA. Aurel and LILI who never agreed to the marriage, eventually many pressing ANGGI. MARVEL certainly wrote his mother would not be treated arbitrarily with them. But every time MARVEL defend his mother, who is actually going family squabbles. MARVEL be hostile at Aurel and finally decided to stay at home ever wrote.

Meanwhile the left DIKA Safa, was devastated and vent at MARVEL. Safa did not know that MARVEL is a half brother Aurel, wife DIKA. Seeing MARVEL proximity with Safa, Melaticould overcome jealousy. Melatibut also prestige and keep his feelings to MARVEL. MARVEL SOLAR invited to join the company. MARVEL become subordinate JASMINE. Melatioften scolded him for working MARVEL often overslept. Even when the client and was told to take the car, MARVEL stray. They are so frequent quarrels.

But beside that, they actually admire each other secretly. Eventually they even become a reliable partner. Both ideas are often used by the office. ADITYA became increasingly jealous of their closeness.

Would they will proceed to a more serious relationship? Watch his story in "Melati Untuk MARVEL".

Watch and Nonton Melati Untuk Marvel Sinetron Episode 129

melati untuk marvel

Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Melati
chelsea olivia

Rezky Aditya as Marvel
rezky aditya

Gracia Indri as Keyza
gracia indri

Afifa Syahira as Aurel
afifa syahira

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